1. An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

    I must preface this post.  I am an executive for a digital music company and serve as a Commissioner for the Seattle Music Commission.  The thoughts and opinions here are my own and do not represent my employer or the City of Seattle.

    Dear Miley:

    Like many, I remain in absolute disbelief this morning after watching your performance on last night’s VMAs.  But, I don’t think you need to read another post about the inappropriateness of your outfits, how ridiculous you looked with your tongue hanging out all of the time, and how embarrassed you should be for the distastefulness of your performance.  There are plenty of those.

    Instead, please let me express how incredibly disappointed I am for investing in you.  


    I have an 11 year old daughter.  She is our first born.  Her name happens to be Hannah.  She was not named after your former character, but in her younger years, she took pride in having the same name as the character you portrayed on Disney.  Hannah Montana was the first show we ever DVR’d for her so she could follow along with your character’s life.  She learned some important life lessons from your character.  She shared plenty of laughs with Hannah, Lilly, Jackson and Robby Ray.  And, as a family, we even shed a few tears during the final episode.  For our daughter, it was because Hannah and Lilly were no longer going to be a part of her daily routine.  For my wife and I, it was also sad to realize that our little girl, like you, was entering a new phase of her life.  We understood that it was time for Hannah Montana to exit the stage and allow you, Miley, to mature and explore new things.

    My wife and I, like millions of other parents with little girls, have invested thousands of dollars in you, both as “Hannah” and through your transition to Miley, the artist.  We own CDs, DVDs, books, backpacks, lunch boxes, halloween costumes, t-shirts, dolls, and posters among countless other items.  We’ve bought concert tickets every time you’ve had a show near us.  Point being, we have transferred a LOT of money from our bank account to “your business”.  We have invested in you—whether it be Hannah or Miley—because we’ve liked the product.

    Don’t get me wrong, neither of us expected you to remain the cute, little character on Hannah Montana or the loveable character in The Last Song.  We’ve both been your age.  We understand the desire for rebellion, the exploration, the journey to find yourself.  Granted, neither of us have done it in the spotlight like you, but at the core, we’ve been there.  But, all that aside, you’ve made me incredibly disappointed in the investment we have made in you.  Despite how much you put in your pocket versus the studios, the labels, etc. you have benefitted from the money we invested in you.  

    Last night, our daughter Hannah who is a huge music fan, sat with us watching the VMAs when your performance came on.  We were all dumbfounded.  In fact, so much so, it took far too long for us to ask Hannah to leave the room.  Your constant tongue-wagging and twerking are nearly impossible to avoid for anyone with an Internet connection or a smartphone these days and we are certain that she’s been exposed to this, but the absurd sexual nature of the rest of your performance was embarrassing.  It was not sexy.  It was in poor taste. 

    We invest for two reasons: 1) because we believe we will benefit financially; or 2) we like how it makes us feel despite the hope of any return of profits.  This morning, I am void of both and am suffering from a very intense level of remorse for ever investing in you.  It is disgusting what my money has helped create…you, Miley, are disgusting.  

    Since you believe that “…only God can judge ya…” (BTW, I’m pretty sure I know where He stands on your performance), I can only hope the backlash from your recent hijinks will make you question your own judgement and begin returning some emotional earnings to your investors.


    A Disappointed Investor

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